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43' Hydrascope Telescopic Cranes For Hire

The 43' Hydrascope is perfect for studio work and large sets (inside and out), water tank & wet weather filming and for simply getting the camera into a position that would be time consuming using other methods or less flexible.

Get extra height and reach in the same design footprint as the 32'. The 43' is currently the latest and largest of our telescopic cranes.........that is until the 73' foot Hydrascope arrives! Download the PDF Schematic here

The 43' could be called the 50' as it easily achieves this height with the camera over slung on our remote heads (see PDF). The 43' Hydrascope is the same size as the 32' when it's arm is fully retracted (both cranes are just 17' in length when retracted) and only 3' wide at it's widest point (with the pneumatic wheels removed, see video). You could fit the whole crane and base through an average doorway, not bad for a crane that can give you near 50 feet of elevation!

The 43' gives you even more reach and height without compromising the core principles of the Hydrascopes fantastic design, it's as smooth and well balanced as any of our cranes. Combine it with our class leading 3 axis CL Remote Head for precise and smooth camera movement every time.

The 43' is supplied as standard on our CS Wheeled base with a crane technician or it can be mounted on our Raptor tracking vehicles and the 4x4 dual engine (Electric & Petrol) Maverick which are designed to carry any of the current Hydrascope range, perfect for location work.

Download the PDF Schematic here

We aim to provide our customers with a complete Camera Crane. With all round solution to your Camera moves. It has been designed to make it the user-friendliest crane on the industry today.

  • There is no requirement for rain covers anymore, its completely waterproof.
  • Can be operated off 24v batteries.
  • It's design and structure make it smooth and stable.
  • Payload is 176lb with ease.
  • Its structural size is the same as a 32' Hydrascope
  • The post can be raised to allow the arm to reach 11ft horizontal in seconds
  • You can over sling and under sling the camera head in seconds
  • Its narrow base allows you to work in confined spaces and level the arm with ease