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20' Hydrascope Telescopic Camera Cranes For Hire

The Hydrascope 20' was designed initially for small sets where access can be a problem for other cranes. It works superbly well mounted on our Dollies giving your production the ability to get a wide range of shots and set-ups, in less time than it would take with conventional equipment. Download the PDF Schematic here

Perfect for drama production when you want to raise your on screen production value and need to achieve those shots on a tight schedule. Equally at home in the studio or mounted on Tracking Vehicles for dynamic shots, it's the smallest of the Hydrascopes.

The 20' Hydrascope could be described almost as a Swiss Army Knife for Film and Television shot-making. Designed to be used on small or medium sized sets or existing locations where access can be limited, it offers all you'd expect from a camera dolly with the added advantage of a crane arm, all in one package. The 20' Hydrascope is also a perfect tracking vehicle crane arm and provides rock steady tracking shots when used with our Vibration Isolators and stabilised G3 Remote Head. Ideal for car commercials or where you need a change in height whilst performing moving shots from a vehicle.

Execute almost any shot you can think of, track up to 20' with the telescopic arm (without having to lay track) at different heights, pan, crab (this crane can be mounted on our Chapman Dollies), jib, shoot overhead or at ground level. You could leave the camera on the crane head all day and never have to remove it between set-ups.

The 20' Hydrascope could be the tool that not only makes a big difference to the quality of your shots on screen, it can also save you time. You only have to move or reposition the arm, remote head or height adjustable centre post instead of re-laying track or moving props/furniture to make room for a Dolly. Just move the crane, extend/retract the arm or raise/lower the post height. All these functions are so well engineered that they're quiet enough to be operated (arm extend & retract) during recorded dialogue scenes (see video).

All the Hydrascope cranes have very narrow front profiles (see technical specification PDF), enabling access through standard doorways and narrow corridors regardless of the size of the crane.

We aim to provide our customers with a complete Camera Crane. With all round solution to your Camera moves. It has been designed to make it the user-friendliest crane on the industry today.

  • It's the ideal Crane for working on small sets.
  • Level the post and raise the post 16.5"
  • Over sling and under sling in seconds
  • Payload is 230lb
  • It can be mounted on regular Dolly Track with facility to crab on dance floors
  • No rain covers needed

Despite it's small size the the 20' Hydrascope has all the operational functions and features of it's bigger brothers. To learn more about the Hydrascope range watch our video here.

Download the PDF Schematic here