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Super Pee Wee Camera Dolly For Hire (Available models III & IV)

The Super Pee Wee, as the name suggests, is our most compact and lightweight camera Dolly. The perfect solution for narrow access or location work where you need to reduce weight without sacrificing the award winning features you've come to expect from a Chapman Dolly.Our most popular Dolly at Chapman UK used on countless productions of all varieties.

It's so popular we have over 30 Pee Wee's in our fleet (Pee Wee III & IV models) - so what makes it our most popular Dolly? Less weight and a smaller overall base size make the Pee Wee very easy to work with, but the basic Pee Wee design is what gives it so much stability at a considerably smaller size. The four variable angle chassis legs which lock at four different points (see features), mean that the Pee Wee can be carried through a doorway just 16" wide, for access! Pee Wee Dollies are compatible with all our Vibration Isolators, Chapman Accessories and Track.

The Pee Wee is the perfect Dolly for Documentaries, TV Drama, existing locations and small sets.

Chapman UK have two of the latest Pee Wee Models in our fleet, the Pee Wee III & IV. Read the features on each Dolly below to see what each model offers, though each model has the following standard features:

  • Precision engineered, rock steady Camera Dolly for studio or location work with a wide base.
  • 3x steering modes that can be activated during movement or stationary; conventional rear wheel, four wheel crab and round mode (download the user guide PDF)
  • Compact and lightweight for travel and storage.
  • Narrow profile base.
  • Four point adjustable axels (0, 45, 90 & 180 degrees) for stability on track or switch to narrow profile (off track).
  • Choice of pneumatic or hard tyres.
  • Hydraulic lifting arm.
  • Built-In riser adjusts without removing the camera.
  • Silent operation on Track.
  • Hardened stainless steel bushings.
  • Leveling head locks into 4 different positions.

Click here for individual features of the Pee Wee III

Click here for individual features of the Pee Wee IV

To hire the Pee Wee or any of our Dollies call us today or email your requirements, it's our business to give you the right equipment to achieve the shots you imagine.

Pee Wee III Features:
  • 2x modes of steering: Conventional and crab mode (all four wheels).
  • Steering modes can be engaged during movement or standing still.
  • Small turning circle of just 2.3 feet radius.
  • Easy steering thanks to improved wheel composition.
  • 3x Choices of wheel type.
  • Rigid Hydraulic Boom arm with adjustable riser.
  • 4-way leveling swing head.
  • Silent operation on track.
  • Improved control valve is faster and quieter allowing smooth stops when Booming.
  • 4 lifts per charge with a fully charged chamber.
  • Velcro markers attach to upper side of arm providing clear site of marks for operator.
  • Boom arm has 2.7 feet of vertical travel (overall camera height of 4'8'' from the ground without a riser) see Technical User Guide.
  • Automatic hydraulic charging in 60 seconds.
  • Manual re-charging of the accumulator is possible.
  • Tracking disks ensure precise smooth & silent movement on track (straight and curved).
  • Wide tracking bar helps operators even out imperfections in a move on an uneven surface.

Pee Wee III is compatible with all Chapman accessories, Chapman Fluid Heads Vibration Isolators and a wide range of Jib arms such as the Stinger.

Download the technical manual for the Pee Wee III here.

Pee Wee IV Features:

The Pee Wee IV takes all the features of the previous model and expands on them, improving the design, fine tuning the operation and introducing features you'll only find on larger camera Dollies. This is the latest and arguably best, small camera Dolly available.

  • 3x mode steering featuring conventional, crab and round steering (enables a turning circle of just 21" radius) that can be shifted while the dolly is moving or stationary, without the operator's hands leaving the steering handle. No other Dolly transmission system can do this.
  • Corrosion resistant design improvement.
  • Overall design is much more rigid and stronger.
  • Exposed joints are sealed, protecting against dirt and moisture build up.
  • Stop valve requires no tool adjustment.
  • Greater precision reduces operators need to perform internal adjustments, this can now be done externally for precision operation.
  • New Boom arm design provides more clearance for the operator.
  • 5-7 lifts on a single charge (depending on weight).
  • Built-in heat control for the hydraulic system providing constant performance, even in the coldest environments (see Photos)!
  • Front chassis legs can be configured in 6x different positions (0, 10, 44, 70, 84, 170, 180 degree positions) back legs in 5x configurations, download the user guide for more information.
  • The addition of new side boards can be configured in different modes (see user guide), allowing more ride-on options or placement for lights on the Dolly.
  • Lots of accessories available.
  • Works with straight and curved Track.

Pee Wee IV is compatible with all Chapman accessories, Chapman Fluid Heads Vibration Isolators and a wide range of Jib arms such as the Stinger.

Download the technical manual for the Pee Wee IV here.