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Hybrid IV Camera Dolly For Hire

The Hybrid IV is the very latest piece of camera dolly equipment we offer, the result of over fourty years of design evolution spent listening to industry feedback from Grips and production professionals, it is the most versatile and adaptable camera dolly available to today, packed with features and accessories.

If you are looking for equipment that will add production value to your project because you need it to save you time, or you need equipment that is scalable and versatile both in the studio or on location, then the Hybrid IV is designed to take on the creative challenges you throw at it and deliver.

At the centre of the new design are brand new wheel and axels (the Hybrid IV can work on several gauges of track in near silence), a more accurate, silent and smooth hydraulic lifting arm (with extra lifting power) and greater maneuverability thanks to three modes of steering. The Hybrid IV is compatible with a wide range of our Track, Jib Arms and Vibration Isolators.

The Hybrid IV benefits from a new lifting mode when using the Hydraulic arm. Float Mode is something operators will love for moves where a change in arm height needs a subtle and flowing movement.

The Hybrid IV comes with an impressive array of standard accessories including, the new Quick Jack system (see video), risers for the camera head and Hi/Lo plates, a dedicated nose seat, quick-release walk around boards and platforms for use with the Hydraulic arm.

The Hi/Lo Plate can be under slung or over-slung with the aid of a registering pin and there is also a 90 degree bracket, so you can achieve a wide range of off-axis camera positions at different heights.

The Hybrid IV is a camera Dolly for 21st century production, capable of carrying large and small camera packages, the design allows you to quickly and easily switch between studio and real world locations and it’s packed with time saving features to make your job easier. Watch the Hybrid IV video to learn more about why this is such a great addition to the Chapman UK Fleet.

Watch the Video and read our Technical Manual to learn more about the Hybrid IV’s spec’

Download the technical manual for the Hybrid IV here.

  • Three Mode Steering as standard, conventional, crab and round mode.
  • Dynamic Axel legs for use on many different gauges of track (see brochure).
  • New four point leveling GQ Head with a locking Cam switch for fast repositioning of the camera (see video).
  • Supplied with a full compliment of redesigned walk around boards, operator seating and ride-on platforms.
  • Choice of three tyre compounds for smooth tracking results over different flat surfaces.
  • New Quick Jack system for quick repositioning of axel legs or for changing wheels/tyres.
  • New quick release wheel design.
  • Removable controls for uninterrupted 360 degree shots.
  • Hydraulic Arm is compatible with the Stinger Jib Arm for small crane moves or elevated shots.
  • New silent Hyrdaulic arm lifts up to 700Ibs (318kg) with a perfected straight line of travel (see video).
  • New Float Mode for achieving smooth movement with the hydraulic arm (see video).
  • Dynamic axels enable a reduced Dolly footprint on small sets and a minimum turn radius of 20 just inches (1.6 feet).
  • Built in automatic oil heater system for cold weather operation.
  • Electric or manual compressor charging options.