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Olympian II Mobile Camera Platform - Tracking Vehicle For Hire

The Olympian can carry and lift the largest of Broadcast TV cameras (including 3DTV cameras) and an operator, up to a height of 12.9 feet. The centre post can be raised and lowered silently during a shot (if desired), and affords productions multiple camera positions over the course of a live event, forinstance. The hand rail can be adjusted to run all the way around the platform or just to cover one side (as per your requirements) of the platform.

Cover more camera positions for live broadcast safely and quietly with our supherb mobile lifting platform. The Olympian II lifting platform allows you more coverage with different camera positions indoors and outdoors, in all weathers.

The tremendous lifting capacity of the hydraulic arm (4000 lbs on a first lift with full charge) means you can also use the Olympian as a mobile lighting platform (see Photo) for location work. Large lamps, electric ballast and a technician, can all be lifted on the ample circular platform quickly and safely.

The Olympian II also works as a base for any of our Telescopic Crane arms or fixed arm cranes where you may need extra lifting height with a drive-away wheeled base or need an all weather crane system that works well in the wet.

Our Olympians have been living up to their names recently having been used at the Olympic Stadium as well as numerous sporting competitions and live broadcast events (see photos).

Call us or email your requirements or arrange a visit to our UK head office to see the Olympian II up close for yourself.

  • Filming & Broadcast requirements in stadiums and arenas where petrol engines are prohibited, the Olympian complies with all the current health and safety regulations.
  • Mobile, height adjustable camera positions up to 12.9 feet.
  • Perfect for live broadcast coverage of sports events, concerts and other live events.
  • Lifting platform allows camera and operator 360 degree unobscured line of sight & rotation
  • Works perfectly as a base with all our crane arms and telescopic cranes.
  • Good ground clearance for use on most terrains such as sports pitches, ramps and drive-ways.
  • Removable guard rail depending on use/application.
  • Perfect for live broadcast where it can easily lift the largest TV Camera equipment and operators/technicians.
  • Hydraulic arm will lift 4000lb up and down on a full charge and 2000lb on a second lift before re-charging the accumulator is necessary.
  • Built in electric charging system.
  • Wheeled base can be driven by a technician, even with the centre post fully extended.
  • Wheeled base is self leveling within seconds of stopping.
  • Can be used on straight and curved camera track.
  • 48v Electric motor drive is silent and able to move very heavy loads easily.
  • Extra wheels can be added for stability if required
  • Silent, long lasting battery power for safe use in stadiums and concert arenas.
  • Perfect multi-use platform for location lighting where you need to lift & move big lamps or for different set-ups.
  • Waterproof design for wet weather filming.
  • Parking brake and auto-stop safety feature.
  • Walk around, side-boards and lots of accessories available.
  • Quick and easy to set-up with Olympian II technician supplied with hire.
Detailed Specification
Maximum Camera Mount Height 12'9" 3.9 m
Minimum Camera Mount Height 6'3" 1.9 m
Vertical Travel 6'6" 2.0 m
Speed 13'/sec 4m/sec
Battery powered self levelling platform

Important Notice

For use of our Tracking Vehicles on Public Highways
Production should notify and get dispensation from:

The Police Services
Tel: 0203 054 5555
email: [email protected]

You can download the MPS Film Unit Guide here