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Maverick Tracking Vehicle

The Maverick Tracking Vehicle is a heavy-duty, four wheel drive tracking vehicle designed specially for mobile crane shots on location. It has four wheel steering for maneuvering in tight spaces, a top speed of 50mph (petrol engine) and a four point leveling post for mounting cranes or a platform. The centre post automatically corrects (remains vertical) in real time, perfect for crane tracking shots over uneven or sloping ground. The Mavericks low centre of gravity allow it to comfortably work with a Lenny crane arm length of 50 feet (see photos).

Mobile crane shots on location over rough terrain? Need a walk-on crane shot for a Steadicam in a remote location, with a move? You need Chapman UK's bespoke tracking vehicle; the Maverick.

Exclusively available through Chapman UK, the Maverick is our custom designed and built for off-road, mobile camera crane platform for all our fixed arm cranes and telescopic cranes.

The Maverick can run whisper quiet (for sound recording) thanks to a powerful, high torque electric motor. The Maverick can switch from the petrol engine to electric and back, very quickly.

The Maverick can be configured in many ways with it's own walk-around boards and the ability to add a scaffolding platform above the drivers cab (see photos). It can carry and operate all our Hydrascope cranes up to the 43' model (the 73' Hydrascope has it's own bespoke vehicle) and there's room on the back for a crew of three including a camera operator (for remote filming).

To see the Maverick up close why not come and pay us a visit? We're always keen to show people how Chapman UK equipment can make a big difference to their productions.

Feel free to call us or email to make an appointment.

The Maverick is packed with features to make even the most ambitious crane shots possible:

  • Four wheel drive, low centre of gravity.
  • Excellent off-road capability with a 50mph top speed (on level ground).
  • Heavy duty build quality for a solid crane base in all weather.
  • Maverick's suspension can self-level in 5 seconds on uneven ground.
  • Petrol or electric engine drive available at the flick of a switch (electric engine is silent).
  • Remote control rear wheel steering and powerful all-wheel locking brakes.
  • All four wheels can turn 20 degrees for a tighter turning circle or to partially crab the vehicle.
  • Automatic self-leveling centre post (real time) for crane arms (sound safe & hydraulic).
  • Perfect for use with the 20', 32' & 43' Hydrascope Telescopic cranes.
  • Safe operation with a 50' Lenny Crane Arm (works with all our cranes).
  • Works safely with walk-on platform for moving Steadicam crane shots (See photos).
  • A Technician is supplied with the Maverick.

Detailed Specification
Standard Mount Height 3'6" 1.0 m
Maximum Payload 6,000 lb 2,272 kg
Maximum Speed (Engine) 50 mph 80 kph
Maximum Speed (Batteries) 20 mph 40 kph
Chassis Deck Height 3'6 1.0 m
Wheel Base 10'6.5" 3.2 m
Standard Operational Unit Weight less Payload 11,500 lb 5,227 kg
Chassis Width 7'7.5" 2.3 m
Catalogue ref: 6290 page 78

Important Notice

For use of our Tracking Vehicles on Public Highways
Production should notify and get dispensation from:

The Police Services
Tel: 0203 054 5555
email: [email protected]

You can download the MPS Film Unit Guide here