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Chapman KTM Tracking Bike For Hire

The KTM Tracking Bike is supplied as a 'ready to rig' hard mount or with a Vibration Isolator, for front & rear stabilised camera positions. The custom designed aluminium space frame allows mounting of the Chapman Gyro Remote Head, giving you a camera position ranging from 8 inches, up to a height of 8 feet. The special seated configuration also accommodates a Steadicam operator (see photo).

To create the most exciting tracking shots, you need equipment & skilled personnel that can deliver just that. Chapman UK's customised KTM Tracking Bike has ensured filmmakers continue to create unforgettable moments for such recent films as: SkyFall, Fast & Furious 6, World War Z & Worlds End, to name but a few. The Chapman KTM Tracking Bike is the only tracking vehicle of it's kind, designed to carry a seated camera operator, safely and securely on the front or on the back. Its size and maneuverability open up a world of possibilities for tracking shots in confined spaces and hard to reach locations.

Chapman UK chose the KTM for its on and off road versatility. A 530cc engine developing 45bhp feeds a 5 speed, wide ratio gear box, providing the KTM with higher torque than rival bikes (essential for smooth operation with additional weight). The KTM's rider is 11x British Motocross Champion & MXDN World Champion, Rob Herring.

When you combine state of the art engineering and world class motorcycling talent, you get the know-how to achieve your shot safely, reliability and on time. At Chapman UK we're proud of our safety record and attention to detail. The KTM is a tried and tested camera platform for the most demanding tracking shots, check-out the video to see a demonstration.

To see the Chapman KTM Tracking Bike up-close for yourself and for all your camera support needs call Chapman UK or visit our website.

Download our Chapman UK KTM Tracking Motorbike product guide PDF here.

  • Only Tracking Bike that can carry a seated operator (inc' steadicam) on the font or on the back (facing backwards).
  • Custom designed aluminium space frame for mounting cameras & remote heads front and rear
  • World class motorcyclist as KTM operator
  • Proven on productions all over the world
  • 530cc engine with hi-torque at low revs
  • 5 speed wide ratio gear box for smoother gear shifts
  • On road and off road capability

Important Notice

For use of our Tracking Vehicles on Public Highways
Production should notify and get dispensation from:

The Police Services
Tel: 0203 054 5555
email: [email protected]

You can download the MPS Film Unit Guide here