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Electric Tracking Vehicle For Hire

The ETV(Electric Tracking Vehicle) is a wide wheel base, four wheel drive, all terrain car that can carry a wide range of cameras, operators and grip equipment (see Photos). As it is completely electric, it complies with all current safety requirements for indoor and outdoor arenas, stadiums and Film/TV studios. The Chapman UK ETV is an ideal tracking vehicle for urban environments such as city parks, shopping precincts or airports, wherever you need a safe, clean, whisper quiet mobile camera platform. The ETV can carry any of todays camera packages from conventional film & digital cameras to large 3D rigs all compatible with our Remote Heads, Jib Arms, Fluid Heads and Vibration Isolators.

Perform tracking shots in almost total silence, on or off road, with our bespoke electric tracking car, developed and customised in house at Chapman UK. It also happens to be our greenest camera tracking car, with an impressive range of 50 miles on one charge and zero emissions!

The Chapman ETV is a popular choice for productions who need tracking shots with live or sync-sound. See our demo videos (where the noise is from the vehicle filming the ETV) or if that isn't enough to convince you arrange a demonstration at our UK head office. We're more than happy to show people what we're up to and how our equipment can benefit your production, in ways you may not have thought of.

Live broadcast and events coverage, such as the opening ceremony of the London Olympic Games (where the ETV provided tracking shots in the arena) can also benefit from the ETV's capacity for creating moving shots with little or no intruding sound.

Dimensions for ETV

Height Width Length
6ft 5ft 9ft 4"

Additional Info:

-Turning circle = inner diameter 17ft and outer diameter 28ft
-50 mile range
-To fully charge requires 8 hours
-Max speed with driver and 2 x passengers = 25 mph
-Max speed with driver and 4 x passengers = 22 mph

(above speeds measured in 2-wheel drive with high gear selected)

The Chapman Electric Tracking Vehicle is a unique addition to the Chapman UK camera tracking vehicle fleet and popular with all kinds of productions, because it features:

  • 2x & 4x wheel drive, selectable with additional 'Turf Mode' for non-slip traction when on slippery surfaces.
  • Independent, oil dampened wish bone suspension, ensuring a smooth ride even over large bumps and uneven surfaces (see video).
  • Combine any Vibration Isolator or Gyro Stabilised Remote Heads for the perfect smooth, tracking shot.
  • All weather design, get your shots regardless of what the weather does.
  • Whisper quiet 48V 30HP electric engine with a 50mile maximum range on a single charge.
  • Wide ratio, high torque gears ensure whisper quiet operation with heavy loads (see technical PDF) with a top speed of 25mph.
  • Comfortably carries x4 people + equipment with safety harnesses for standing or seated operators & focus pullers (see video).
  • Custom fitted aluminium exo-frame for rigging multiple, ride on platforms (see photos) as well as any of our Chapman rigs.
  • Compatible with all Chapman UK Remote Heads, Fluid Heads and small Jib arms.
  • Front and Rear ride on platforms for operators/technicians, feature a non-slip surface (even when wet).
  • Roll cage for driver and remote operators, also allows rigging of top mounted cameras, lights and Jib arms.
  • Multi-configured seating for a wide variety of manual camera operating positions including side, top, front and back at different heights (see photos) all with safety harnesses.
  • Room on rear platform for x2 standing operators (see pictures).
  • x2 & x3 axis control wheels (recommended) and remote monitor mounted on passengers side of the cab.
  • Time to full charge from 'empty' to full capacity = 8 Hours.
  • Class leading range for an electric vehicle with selectable battery/power usage depending on use/distance/terrain.
  • Lots of accessories available, please email us your requirements or arrange a demonstration.
  • Supplied as a ready to rig or pre-configured tracking vehicle.
  • Vehicle Technician supplied with hire.

Important Notice

For use of our Tracking Vehicles on Public Highways
Production should notify and get dispensation from:

The Police Services
Tel: 0203 054 5555
email: [email protected]

You can download the MPS Film Unit Guide here