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A3 F Tracking Vehicle For Hire

The Chapman UK A3 F is our class leading, camera tracking vehicle available to hire today. It's pact with features, able to carry multiple cameras in a many configurations, thanks to the A3 F's specially engineered exterior frame. Marry this up with Chapman UK's remote heads and vibration isolators for smooth & accurate tracking shots.

The latest customised tracking vehicle in our fleet is our customised Audi A3 F. What does the F stand for? FAST! This high-powered, highly maneuverable camera tracking car is as stealthy as it looks, but the A3 F is not for show, it's pact with outstanding features.

Finished in a bespoke matte black to reduce reflections, the A3 F size makes it nimble and discrete. The perfect tool for general tracking shots or high speed work. The A3 F can do the work of larger, less maneuverable vehicles where the height of the vehicle can be an issue.

The A3 F is quick off the mark to, even fully loaded, but speed is not the only thing that makes this an outstanding camera tracking vehicle. The A3 F can accommodate more than one camera at a time, thanks to it's specially designed aluminum exo-frame. You can place a camera almost anywhere, front or back or on each side of the car.

For great tracking results the A3 F can be supplied with the Chapman vibration isolator and the Chapman G3 remote head. See the pictures below for an idea of the kind of configurations the A3 F has used to date. When combined with the Chapman UK Vertical Slider System, camera height can be changed in shot whilst the vehicles is moving a unique feature for a tracking vehicle.

The list of features doesn't end there though. For rear facing tracking shots, to prevent fumes getting 'in shot' the exhaust can be re-directed away from the rear facing camera.

Unique to the A3 F is a fully adjustable seating position, with safety harness, for a camera operator. The operators seat can be configured to face forward or backwards. Video cables are managed through a specially designed plug in the rear of the roof, for all weather filming and safe operation.

The A3 F combines swift acceleration with smooth operation thanks to the Audi's whisper quiet 3.2ltre V6 petrol engine. The car is fitted with Audi's DSG, twin clutch, automatic gearbox ensuring seamless gear changes even at high revs. The A3 F is powerful for coping with the additional weight of multiple cameras, yet stable under cornering at speed.

With the A3 F Chapman UK have achieved something very special, come and see it for yourself! To discuss your individual vehicle tracking needs, call Chapman UK today or email us for details on the A3 F.

The A3 F's power allows it to perform the role of larger tracking vehicles within a much smaller footprint and it's already been put to use on the Tom Cruise blockbuster, All you need is Kill - check out the video clip for a sneek preview of the A3 F Below is a summary of features and download our A3 F product guide PDF here.

  • Smooth & quiet 3.2 V6 petrol engine providing plenty of torque, capable of 0-60 in 6.5 seconds.
  • Multiple cameras can be mounted safely in multiple configurations, on the outside of the vehicle, front, side or at the rear.
  • Adjustable camera operator seating in numerous positions, front or rear facing.
  • Exhaust fumes can be re-directed for rear facing tracking shots.
  • Cable management keeps windows free from clutter.
  • Supplied as a 'ready to rig' tracking vehicle or with Chapman UK rigs & support
  • Four wheel drive & low wheel base for stability and maneuverability.
  • Matte Black finish.

Important Notice

For use of our Tracking Vehicles on Public Highways
Production should notify and get dispensation from:

The Police Services
Tel: 0203 054 5555
email: [email protected]

You can download the MPS Film Unit Guide here