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Chapman UK Tracking Vehicles for Hire

The expectation for film makers and camera professionals to deliver ever more spectacular and dramatic visuals, for todays film and television production is unrelenting. Film makers are always looking to push the visual boundaries for the very best in authentic, live action shots. Nowhere is this need met with more enthusiasm and technical know-how than at Chapman UK. We supply some of the very best camera support equipment, but we're constantly developing and manufacturing 'build to order' equipment.

The latest addition to our innovative tracking vehicle fleet is the Chapman Dually, hard at work on the upcoming Brad Pitt movie FURY. The Dually is a stable and maneuverable camera platform for off-road tracking shots in all weather conditions.

Thanks to a turbo charged V8 diesel engine, the Chapman Dually carries (mounted on a self-leveling post) our Hydrascope Telescopic Cranes, our Lenny Arm cranes (remote camera only) and a safely harnessed crew of crane technicians on the rear platform through deep mud, sand, swamps and snow, thanks to it's 4x 18" wide Tank Tracks (you did read that correctly)! Inside the Cab there is room to comfortably seat 4 technicians (in addition to the driver) with mounting options for camera controls and monitors.

The Chapman Dually can switch back to a normal road going configuration (regular wheels) in a relatively short time and has the option to mount multiple cameras and lighting, anywhere on the vehicles exterior.

Our new video on the Chapman Dually is coming soon.

  • The only heavy duty all weather, all-terrain vehicle available in the UK, designed to carry Hydrascope Cranes and Lenny Arm Cranes with a full crew safely and reliably.
  • The Dually is equipped with Chapman's Automatic self leveling centre post for all crane arms. Get level shots on a gradient or uneven ground in seconds.
  • Customised mounting plates for multiple cameras & remote heads on the front and rear.
  • Trained and experienced technicians and drivers.
  • Already proven in some of the most demanding filming conditions on a major Hollywood Blockbuster, thanks to an all weather design.
  • V8 Turbo Charged Diesel engine for high-torque at low revs, with a top speed of 40mph off road when using tank tracks.
  • State of the art Tank tracks designed with anti slip, high torque rubber train, for use on hard and soft ground including rocks.
  • Tank Tracks for extreme off road conditions are switchable to conventional radial tyres for use on normal road surfaces for conventional tracking shots.
  • In Cab mounting options for control surfaces and monitors.
  • Matte black finish for reduced reflection and glare.
  • The only off-road, rough-terrain capable tracking vehicle for rock steady tracking shots.
  • For the best tracking shot results you need our Stabilised Remote Heads and the Chapman Vibration Isolators.

Designed with practicality and ease of use in mind, the Hydrascope telescopic camera cranes will save you time and ensure you can create almost any shot you can think of.

Thanks to a precision engineered 3 axis, telescopic arm, height adjustable centre post and (unique to the Hydrascope) four point leveling arms at the base, the Hydrascope is smooth and accurate allowing operators to hit their marks every time.

NOTE: Automatic leveling is available when using any Hydrascope on our Raptor or other tracking vehicles. This works in real time so you can always be sure the crane is level, whether tracking on a slope or filming on boats.

Hydrascope cranes are quick to set-up and are supplied with the Wheeled CS Base as standard. They can be mounted on tracking vehicles, even boats (see photos). They can be supplied with any of our remote heads, subject to your requirements.

The most outstanding feature of the Hydrascope cranes are that they are all completely waterproof (perfect for all weather filming). The only telescopic cranes that don't need covers (see the video) or external power sources, allowing the Hydrascope complete freedom of movement on location at a moments notice. The watertight design allows for submerged underwater filming and the Hydrascope will accept any underwater camera on Chapman's Amphibian Remote Head.

Hydrascopes can easily cope with large camera payloads of 230 pounds, making them a perfect camera platform for 3D film making. Compatible with any of today's 3D camera systems, as well as all existing film and digital cameras.

Click on the links to read more about each of the Hydrascope Cranes and their outstanding features or come and see them up close for yourself. Call us or email to make an appointment, we'd be more than happy to give you a demonstration.

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