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Gizmo Prime Head For Hire

The Chapman UK team are happy to announce that we now have a Gizmo Prime remote head available to hire. The Gizmo Prime is a fantastic, fully stabilized, lightweight remote head designed to carry camera packages of up to 30kg. Along with being very quick to setup, the Gizmo Prime's design allows it to easily change from a 3 to a 2 axis head in a matter of minutes.

In 3 Axis mode, the Gizmo Prime weighs 19kg (42ibs), making it one of the lightest stabilized systems that can hold a full camera package.

gizmoprime gizmoprime

The advanced digital stabilization gives excellent results with its inbuilt technology ensuring that the system:

  • Maintains stabilized roll position during fast tracking vehicle turns and pivots.
  • Gives true horizontal pan and vertical tilting even when the head is no longer level.
  • No gyro lock.
  • Auto Horizon.

The Gizmo Prime is controlled and run through a single Data Line. This line can control:

  • Pan/ Tilt/ Roll
  • Video Lens, Zoom, Focus and Iris
  • Video Tape Run (VTR)
  • Video Camera Power
  • Film Lens Foucus, Zoom and Iris
  • Film Camera Run
  • Stabilization on all Axis

Download the technical PDF here.

For more information about the Gizmo Prime head or to check its availability please call us or email.