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G3 Stabilised Remote head For Hire

The Chapman G3 Stabilised head is a class leading, gyro stabilised remote head, with a (analogue) 2 or 3 axis control system. It's ground breaking design and extraordinary strength combined with superb smooth axis control, makes it the remote head of choice for many crane shots, tracking shots or for mounting multiple cameras on a single rig. The G3 is an ideal choice for 3D film making when you need strength and precise, smooth camera operation.

The G3 is not surprisingly used on many feature films, car commercials, for capturing action sequences and a wide range of crane shots. Time and again the G3 has provided accurate and smooth operation for fast and dynamic camera work, even with large 3D rigs. The G3 can be configured in overslung or underslung mode in seconds without effecting the camera balance, no time wasted drilling and screwing, changing modes takes seconds. When used in conjunction with our Hydrascope cranes, the G3 remote head provides the perfect tool for a huge range of dynamic tracking shots (see photos). The G3 is compatible with all our Cranes, Dollies and Tracking Vehicles.

The G3 remote head uses silent gyro stabilisation, eliminating vibration to the camera during movement. Combine the G3 with a horizontal and (or) a vertical vibration isolator for rock steady tracking shots (the results have to be seen to be believed). Watch the Hydrascope video for an example of the G3 and the vibration isolator in action.

The G3 Remote Head works with our Vibration Isolators, all our Tracking Vehicles, Hydrascope telescopic cranes, fixed arm cranes and Hydraulic Dollies.

To see the G3 remote head up close you're welcome to visit us, call us today or email to arrange a demonstration.

  • Smooth, Silent Performance.
  • Quick setup and positioning in overslung or underslung modes.
  • Compact 3 axis Gyro stabilized head eliminates camera shake during fast or rough moves.
  • Complete Gyro stabilization for smooth shots over almost any type of terrain.
  • Joystick control system offers single user control of pan/tilt and roll/zoom.
  • Smooth pan, tilt and roll with a choice of Joystick or control wheels.
  • Supplied with HD Monitors and mobile control cart.
  • Battery pack and chargers for reliable and long lasting power (no cabled power needed).
  • Works on all types of camera crane arms, Dollies and Tracking Vehicles.
  • Camera is easy to access for loading or lens changes.
  • Open side chassis for tight camera positioning/access.
  • Compatible with all existing Film and Video Cameras.
  • Handles loads up to 250lb, ideal for any existing 3D rigs.
  • Accessories are available please contact Chapman UK.
  • Technician supplied with rental.
Detailed Specification
This head accommodates 2 35mm Cameras
Axis Height (min configuration) 2'6" 84 cm
Axis Width (min configuration) 1'9" 56 cm
Axis Depth (min configuration) 3' 91 cm
Axis Weight 70 lb 31.8 kg
Axis Payload Capacity 150 lb 68.1 kg
Pan, Tilt and Roll 0-180 degree per sec
Mounting Base Standard Mitchell
Lens Control Systems
Preston FIZ and Arri Lens Control
Catalogue ref: 6000