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Chapman CL Remote Camera Head For Hire

The CL remote camera head really is state of the art, it excels at achieving smooth and stable shots when executing fast and rough camera movements. The CL head features an Encoder mode, which records information from all 3 axis for repeatable moves (takes). The CL is the perfect remote head for use with our Hydrascope Telescopic cranes, ideal for very wet weather scenes, as they and the CL head are water proof and require no covers for working in the wet.

The very latest stabilised, 3 axis remote head from Chapman Leonard is available to hire in the UK. The CL remote head is a 'digital head' using the latest wireless control technology (also tethered control), for precise and very smooth camera movement on two or three axis (see technical PDF). Digital control also means that visual effect technicians can record camera movement data (all three axis) during a shot or move, for use in post-production. Data capture is (for any production working with visual effects) fast becoming a 'must have' amenity for accurately producing complicated visual effects shots and sequences.

The CL remote head brings remote camera head technology into the the 21st century. Whether you're shooting an action sequence with complicated CGI effects, shooting intricate camera movements over difficult terrain or looking to capture fast and dynamic shots for a commercial, the CL Digital Remote Head is the tool for the job, it's our best remote head yet.

The CL remote head is supplied with a remote head technician and comes with F.I.Z controls, HD Viewing monitor and mobile control console.

  • Very quick to set-up and doesn't need re-balancing when switching between underslung and overslung modes.
  • Smooth and silent (sound safe) operation.
  • CL head is waterproof, no rain cover needed (although not submergible - see Amphibian head).
  • 2 or 3x axis digital control system that's more responsive, accurate and with cabled or wireless control option.
  • Gyro stabilised head (silent gyros) also eliminates drift when operating.
  • Battery powered, no cabled power required.
  • CL head features auto leveling mode on the role axis (in both encoder and gyro mode).
  • Capable of recording data from each axis position for post-production and visual effects purposes.
  • Encoder mode allows repeatable moves, currently up to 70 seconds at the touch of a button.
  • Operator can select operating speed, dampening and stop limits on the fly through control.
  • Cl Head can be configured for any camera system, film (1000ft mag') or Digital & 3D rigs.
  • Adjusting the head room for more camera clearance does not effect the balance.
  • Cl Head can be configured to fit into tight areas, such as the window of a car door.
  • Easy access to camera on both sides of the head for lense changes, adjustments.
  • Will easily carry rigs and camera packages up to a weight of 100lb.

The CL Head works with our Vibration Isolators, all our Tracking Vehicles, Hydrascope telescopic cranes, fixed arm cranes and hydraulic Dollies.

To see the CL stabilised remote head up close you're welcome to visit us, call us today or email to arrange a demonstration.