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Amphibian Remote Head For Hire

The Amphibian remote head is a specialist remote head for underwater filming. The submersible head features 3 axis movement with an analogue control. The head is a non-stabilised head for use primarily underwater or where large amounts of 'rain' or spray are involved (see our videos below).

The Amphibian remote head is ideal for any Film production (TV, Live Broadcast) where underwater filming is involved or there is a shot where equipment may be exposed to spray or sprinkler systems.

The head works perfectly on all three axis when out of the water and when it's submerged, providing smooth and precise control at all times. The Amphibian head is compatible with any of todays underwater cameras for shooting Film, 4k and HD Video and can also be used with conventional cameras, without an underwater housing (for exterior shooting with rain machine).

The Chapman Amphibian remote head is designed to execute shots where the camera transitions in or out of the water (see video) and the rigid design can cope with even fast entries & exits into water (contact us to discuss your exact requirements).

Combine it with any of our waterproof Hydrascope cranes and you can create a huge variety of spectacular submerged, underwater shots, not to mention water born tracking shots from boats or filming in torrential rain inside or outside of the studio.

See the videos for some examples of the Amphibian head and the Hydrascopes at work in the wet, where other cranes and remote heads cannot go.

PLEASE NOTE: The Amphibian Remote Head is a special purpose non-stabilised head for underwater or 'wet' filming. It can be used for filming in the dry, however it is recommended to use with our Hydrascope telescopic cranes, fixed arm cranes and Sliders for submerged or productions where equipment will come into contact with allot of water.

To see the Amphibian remote head up close you're welcome to visit us, call us today or email to arrange a demonstration. Alternatively watch our snap shot videos, behind the scenes, from recent productions.

Above Left: Hydrascope Sliding, Amphibian head with Hydrascope Crane being used with Counter-wight system in swimming pool, demonstrating very smooth transition in and out of the water

Above Right: Another very very wet scene filming on Luther, no waterproofing on the Amphibian

Left: 32' Hydrascope with Amphibian Remote head getting continuously drenched whilst filming on Little Chaos recently in Black Park - no waterproofing required

Image on Location
amphibian remote head
  • Rigid, slim & non-corrosive design that's quick to set up and position.
  • Watertight design for completely submerged, underwater filming with a wide range of underwater camera housings.
  • Remote head is an underslung configuration only.
  • 2 or 3 axis, analogue control provides accurate and smooth control via a tethered connection (Pan, Tilt & Roll speed range of 3.5 seconds).
  • Remote head can carry around 90lb in the dry or the wet.
  • Choice of Joystick or Wheels for remote control.
  • Compatible with existing cameras both in the dry and the wet.
  • Amphibian head works especially well with the Hydrascope telescopic cranes.
  • Compatible with Preston and Arri lense control systems.
  • Supplied with battery power and chargers (no tethered/cable feed power required).
  • Pan, Tilt and Roll through 360 degrees on each axis.
  • Supplied with Technician to set or location.
Detailed Specification
Axis Height 4'1" 1.2 m
Axis Width 2'4" 74 cm
Axis Weight 80 lb 36.3 kg
Axis Payload Capacity 90 lb 40.8 kg
Axis Height 3'6" 11 cm
Axis Width 1'9" 53 cm
Axis Weight 65 lb 29.5 kg
Axis Payload Capacity 90 lb 40.8 kg
Catalogue ref: 40100