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Chapman Remote Heads For Hire

Chapman remote camera heads allow perfectly smooth and balanced, 2 & 3 axis (Pan, Tilt & Roll) camera movement, making even the most ambitious camera moves and tracking shots a reality. At Chapman UK we have the latest digital and analogue remote heads, including the Amphibian Remote Head which can be completely submerged, for underwater filming when used with any of our Hydrascope Cranes.

Chapman UK have four types of remote camera head available to hire, compatible with the majority of our camera support equipment. All our remote heads work in conjunction with our Cranes, Hydrascope Telescopic Cranes, our Tracking Vehicles and our Dollies.

Remote heads are most commonly used with a crane (fixed or telescopic) and controlled separately from a desk either with a Joystick or Control Wheels, which Chapman UK supply with all our remote heads (depending on your preference). When used with any of our Vibration Isolators, remote heads afford full axis camera movement (2 & 3 axis) for incredibly smooth tracking shots over even rough terrain.

All our remote heads are compatible with large camera rigs including most current 3D rigs (please contact us for your individual requirements). They are all compatible with existing Film and Digital camera packages.

Each of our remote heads offer something different, so please read through each product description or speak to our team about the shots you want to accomplish. Chapman UK can best advise you on which remote head will best suit your needs and budget.

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