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Miniscope Crane For Hire

Chapman UK is delighted to announce the arrival of the Miniscope.

The Chapman Leonard Miniscope is our smallest telescopic camera crane. Available in two sizes, Miniscope 5 and Miniscope 7.

As well as for the film industry, we feel the Miniscope shall be an asset to the television industry due to its small and compact design. It is ideal for shooting in tight spaces and can fit through a doorway just 28" wide.

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The Miniscope has been designed to be used on the Minibase as well as the Chapman Leonard Hy Hy Base. The Miniscope can be operated with a variety of remote camera heads including the Chapman CL Head. The rear control handle bar allows convenient placement of monitor or remote controls for remote camera heads.

Easily rigged onto small tracking vehicles, the Miniscope is easily operated and the arm can be moved from A to B with relative ease by two people. It can be electronically or manually telescopic. The hand held pickle allows easy control of ramping, speed as well as starts and stops.

For more information about the Chapman UK Miniscopes, please call 01727 838 424 or email [email protected]

Download the PDF Schematic for Miniscope 5

Download the PDF Schematic for Miniscope 7

  • Light and compact
  • Simple and quick set up
  • Can be used with the Chapman / Leonard CL Head
  • Electronically or manually telescopic
  • Built in end stops prevent sudden abrupt movement
  • Can be operated by two people
  • Chapman's smallest telescopic arm
  • 30 volt DC Battery included
  • AC/DC Converter included
  • Fits through a doorway 28" wide