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32' Hydrascope Telescopic Cranes For Hire

The 32' Hydrascope has been designed to make the most ‘user friendly’ Camera Crane in the Film Industry today.

Perfect for dynamic tracking shots over a medium distance where track can't be laid (catwalks, water sports or dynamic shots of vehicles). Live event filming where you need to reach over and above a large crowd or even shoot boat to boat on the open ocean (see video). The 32' Hydrascope's water tight design allows it to perform all the tasks you'd expect of other telescopic cranes, without any of the limitations those cranes have. You could take this crane almost anywhere, it's that good. Download the PDF Schematic here

The 32' Hydrascope takes the flexibility of it's little brother and gives you all those operational benefits, but without sacrificing any of the standard features. Designed to give more reach in a compact form (see PDF) the 32' is intended for precision work in the studio (where access to smaller sets may be needed) or on location (see photos) where it can be ready to shoot within minutes from rolling off our lorry. Thanks to our Raptor Tracking Vehicles designed specifically for the Hydrascope, access to even the most difficult terrain where other cranes cannot go is possible (see photos).

The 32' Hydrascope arm can extend and retract at an amazing 7ft per second (if speed is what you need), over the cranes maximum distance (32'). This enables all manor of moving shots in a fraction of the time it would take to accomplish with a Dolly and Track. Perfect for fast turn around work in the studio or on location, perfect for where you need to reach over and above a crowd (forinstance), as the centre post will give you a full 10' horizontal lense height. The Hydrascope is one of the best options for safe and secure overhead filming, combined with the full range of camera movement when using our remote camera heads.

The 32' Hydrascope is perfectly balanced in any configuration, allowing a single operator to jib and boom the crane arm to hit precise marks without breaking a sweat. For demanding operation, assistants can help control the arm thanks to hand rails that run the length of the cranes side on the 1st stage section.

The sliding weight system ensures submerging shots are precise and smooth by trimming the balance of the arm as the underwater camera head enters or exits the water (see video). This sliding weight system also makes life easier for the operator, keeping the arm balanced during an extension or retraction. Cables are kept clear of the arm and camera head, with a cable harness that's also waterproof.

The 32' Hydrascope is one the most popular cranes of it's type in the world, thanks to a new and improved design. Used frequently on Features Films, Commercials and TV productions. It can also be used for live event filming such as concerts and sporting events.

  • There is no requirement for rain covers anymore, its completely waterproof.
  • Can be operated off 24v batteries.
  • It's design and structure make it smooth and stable.
  • Payload is 230lb with ease.
  • The post can be levelled with ease on very uneven ground.
  • Its narrow base allows you to work in confined spaces.
  • You can over-sling and under-sling the camera head in seconds. There is a counterweight system, which allows the arm to be submerged 19ft under

To find out more about the 32' Hydrascope watch the video or come and see it for yourself, call us or email to arrange a visit.

Download the PDF Schematic here