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The Hustler IV Camera Dolly For Hire

The Hustler IV is a solid chassis (fixed width) Dolly able to carry and lift larger payloads on it's hydraulic arm, including many types of Jib Arms, such as the Stinger. There is plenty of room for a camera operator and focus puller for ride on filming. The Hustler can perform x6 full height lifts on a full charge (under full weight). The Dolly can be re-charged in 60 seconds using the electric pump (a manual pump is also available but takes longer to achieve full charge, around two minutes). The new wheel design improves the Hustlers ride on track.

Hustler IV side boards that are height adjustable without removing the boards. The boards have mounting sockets and can be added on the front and sides to easily carry lights or seats.

The Hustler is strong enough to carry the 20' and 32' Hydrascope Telescopic cranes and the Lenny Mini.

Chapman's top of the range studio Dolly (although it is used on location as well), designed for stability where heavier loads/camera packages need a rock steady platform. The Hustler is packed with features that make it an incredibly versatile main unit Dolly for any size production. The Hustler has a built in heater system for the hydraulic oil, to ensure perfectly smooth operation of all it's key components in very cold temperatures.

To arrange a demonstration of the Hustler IV come and see us at our new UK Office, call us today or email your enquiry.

To read more about the technical specification download our PDF User Guide.

  • Precision engineered, rock steady Camera Dolly for studio or location work with a wide base.
  • 3x steering modes that can be activated during movement or stationary; conventional rear wheel, four wheel crab and round mode (download the user guide PDF)
  • Rear wheel break.
  • Heavy lifting capacity of 465 lb (recommended) on the Hustler IV arm but it can lift a maximum weight of 750lb!
  • New hydraulic system for smoother lifts and more precise camera movement.
  • Improved stop valve for faster lifts with smoother stop.
  • Ergonomically designed quick release head.
  • A choice of leveling heads (Moy fitting).
  • 6x Boom lifts with full payload on a full charge (Max' before recharging).
  • Works with both straight and curved track without auxiliary wheels.
  • New wheel design improves performance on track, silent and perfectly smooth.
  • Works on standard 1/2" track, straight and curved.
  • Lifting arm is much more rigid than other models for smooth operation with heavier lifts. Able to carry a wide range of Jib Arms such as the Stinger.
  • Heating system for smooth operation even in very low temperatures.
  • Dolly Controls can be removed for a very low profile, useful for transportation or for allowing a 360 degree Jib Arm shot without interference.
  • Hustler IV has many accessories including height adjustable, walk round side-boards.
Detailed Specification
Camera Mount Height 5' 1.52 m
Minimum Camera Mount Height 1'8" 48cm
Min Camera Mount Height with low plate 2 " 5 cm
Maximum Payload 750 lb 341 kg
Carrying Weight 465 lb 211 kg
Operational Weight (w/o Payload) 505 lb 230 kg
Chassis Length 4'3" 1.30 m
Chassis Width 2'3.5" 70 cm
Catalogue ref: 20010 page 38