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Lenny III Crane Arm For Hire

The Lenny III crane arm is our largest fixed arm crane at Chapman UK. Ideal for big exterior crane shots (including live broadcast), studio use & Steadicam platforms. Even tracking shots are possible when the Lenny III is mounted on the Chapman Maverick Vehicle complete with a self-leveling centre post (see photo).

The Lenny III design is incredibly strong, able to carry very heavy loads very safely (550lb ride on weight) to 35 feet or a maximum reach of 50 feet with a Remote Camera Head. This arm will carry up to three seated operators and a camera, a walk on/off multi-purpose platform (with a hinged ramp and hand rails) or any of todays camera rigs, Film, 3D or Digital.

The Lenny III takes much of the excellent modular design of the Lenny II but with more emphasis on greater height and reach. The arm design features the aerodynamic holes in each crane section, reducing wind drag when panning the arm. The Lenny III improves on the previous cranes design by introducing a leveling control rod and spring loaded dampers, these reduce inertia when the arm is raised or lowered, taking the strain away from the operator, making the movement very smooth and the crane a safe choice for shots involving height.

The Lenny III is the most popular big arm crane of it's kind thanks to it's incredible strength, ease of operation and transportability.

Lenny III arm PDF To arrange a demonstration of the Lenny III crane come and see us at our new UK Office, call us today or email your enquiry. To read more about the technical specification of the Lenny III download the user guide PDF.

NOTE: Only fully trained and qualified personnel should construct or operate Chapman UK crane equipment. Chapman UK are not responsible for miss-use of equipment by unqualified individuals. Productions must ensure they are using a qualified crane operator besides a qualified crane technician, if you are unsure please contact Chapman UK before hiring any of our cranes or equipment.

  • Greater height and reach, our largest configurable fixed arm crane with a maximum reach of 50 feet (remote only - ride on max height is 35' 4").
  • Ride on Platform for two people & equipment (see photos).
  • Modular design allows the arm to be configured in 41 different ways (see Tech' PDF)
  • Vertical Control Rod and spring loaded dampers control the arms inertia during operation, easier and safer to control for big vertical moves.
  • Compatible with our Raptor tracking Vehicles for transport on location or the Maverick for tracking shots with the arm on a self leveling centre post (no other crane system has this feature).
  • Lenny III also compatible with Chapman Bases and Dollies.
  • Variable weight bucket for different lifting weights and crane lengths.
  • Easy to transport thanks to weight saving, modular design.
  • Very strong and rigid design for silent, smooth and accurate operation on any location.
  • Aerodynamic holes reduce drag on the arm.
  • Takes any camera rig, manned operation or Remote Head 3D, Film or Digital operation.
  • Excellent safety record.
  • Used and known worldwide by countless productions.
  • Supplied to you with a qualified Chapman crane technician.