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Welcome to Chapman UK - Camera Grip Equipment Hire:

Chapman Leonard Equipment are manufacturers of the very best camera support equipment for Film, TV & Commercial production in the world. The reliability and ruggedness of Chapman Leonard Equipment, even in the toughest filming environments is unrivaled and has helped solidify a reputation built over fifty years.

Our dedicated UK team represent some of the most experienced professionals providing camera grip support in the UK Film industry today. We understand each production is unique and our clients know we understand safety and most importantly reliability. Our team are experienced in a wide range of productions, from major Hollywood Blockbusters to UK Dramas and TV Commercials.

Chapman UK are the dedicated suppliers of the latest in this state of the art equipment for UK and Europe and the sole suppliers of the Hydrascope Telescopic Crane (unique as it is completely waterproof). Whether you need to hire Hydrascope Camera Cranes, Chapman Camera Dollies, Camera Tracking Vehicles (all types), Remote Heads or you need customised Camera rigs; Chapman UK has it all under one roof.

Whether you require a bespoke rig or just need advice on the right piece(s) of equipment to achieve your desired shot; Chapman UK can provide the technical solution combined with the expertise you need to get the best result. You are welcome to visit us, call on +44(0)1727 838424 or email with any question or enquiry, we are here to help you anytime.

Latest Productions

  • Wizards & Aliens

    Feature -TV - Dollies

  • Dr Who

    Feature -TV - Dollies & cranes

  • American Sniper

    Feature -Clint Eastwood Feature- Morocco Section - Dollies

  • Girls' Night Out

    Feature -Dollies, cranes, remote heads

  • Macbeth

    Feature -Dollies, cranes, tracking vehicles

  • Suffragette

    Feature - Dollies, cranes, tracking vehicle

  • Heart of the Sea

    Feature -Dollies, cranes, remote heads

  • Fury

    Feature -Dollies, cranes, tracking vehicles

Featured Shot - The Dually looking Spectacular filming on Fury!

Dually on Fury

HYDRASCOPE Telescopic Camera Crane, Chapman UK

The Hydrascope, from Chapman UK is a state of the art telescopic camera crane.